Next Parish Council Meeting on Mon 14 Dec 09 – 7.30pm at the Village Hall Committe room

The next Parish Council meeting will be held at the Village hall in the committe room on Monday 14th December at 7.30pm.  We will be discussing, amongst other matters, the serious possibility that Braintree District Council will be withdrawing the annual Parish support grant to all Parish councils which is around £1770 for Pebmarsh.  So far, all Parish councils have objected to this proposal, however it seems that Braintree District Council are determined to do this and they will be discussing it at their meeting on 7th December.

I will put up a new post about other ways BDC are trying to save £1.5M  by reducing more services to us.

Joe Burlo


Meeting on 12 Nov -More Pylons – Please attend at Twinstead Village Hall

twinsted tee pylon.jpeg

The National Grid Event about erecting more Large Pylons AND a new Substation in our area is this Thursday between 12 and 9pm at Twinstead Village Hall. Please attend if you can so you know what is going on and express your opinion before it is all too late for us to do anything. Many in this area think that the National Grid should lay the new 400KV cables underground rather than spoil the countryside with another set of new Pylons from Bramford, near Ipswich all the way down to Twinstead which will also mean another large substation in our area which will be west of Twinstead and about the size of 4 football pitches and the height of a 3 story house.
The local campaign in favour of laying the cables underground is ‘Stour Valley Underground’ ( SVU). Please check their website for all the relavent info before you attend the National Grid Event on Thursday.

Joe Burlo
Chairman  Pebmarsh Parish Council