Theft of Oil – Monday 19th Sept – early morning

In the early hours of Monday 19th Sept ( Sun/Mon), 1000 litres of heating oil were stolen from a property in the Clay Hills area.

Please be extra viligant. There appears to be someone with a screwed up moral compass looking to take advantage of the decent people of Pebmarsh.  In many instances, a few simple measures will suffice in adding an extra layer of protection to your property.

Fit a lock on your Oil Tank – Lock your car at night – Lock your shed – Lock up before you go to bed. The police will gladly come down and advise you as to which locks to use if you are unsure. (101 not 999) 

These are very isolated incidents so there is no cause for concern.

Joe Burlo

01787 269999

Volunteer Posts – 2 Vacancies. Neighbourhood Watch and Footpaths co ordinators required

We have 2 volunteer posts –

  1.  Neighbourhood watch co ordinator – 2 to 4 hours a month.  Act as laison for Pebmarsh with police neighbourhood watch officer – receive information e mails from Police and notify/pass on to Pebmarsh residents by e mail or other means.
  2. Foothpaths Co ordinator – This would suit some one who regularly uses our foothpaths for walking/dog walking . Keep an eye on foothpaths, report any work that needs doing to the Parish Council – laise with Parish Council and  Essex County and produce yearly foothpath report.

Please call Joe Burlo, Chairman on 01787 269999 or e mail Joe on

Please help us look after our village.

Joe Burlo

Chairman – 01787 269999


Thefts from Vehicles at Cross End – Early Hours Mon 19th Sept 2011

Please be vigilant. Message below from Paula  – Pebmarsh Neighbourhood Watch Co ordinator

Hi all,

In the early hours of this morning (19th September), several vehicles in the Cross End area of Pebmarsh were broken into and had valuables removed.

Essex Police have been informed and are currently in the area gathering information.

If anybody has any further information, or saw or heard any thing suspicious early this morning please advise Essex Police.

I will update this bulletin as further information becomes available.

Please feel free to forward this email to any interested contacts you may have that don’t currently receive Neighbourhood Watch updates.

Kind regards,

Pebmarsh Neighbourhood Watch Co ordinator

Next Parish Council Meeting – Monday 19th Sept 11 – 7.30pm Village Hall Committe Room – All parishioners welcome – Agenda below.

The next meeting of Pebmarsh Parish Council will be held on

Monday 19 September 2011

in the Village Hall Committee Room

for the purpose of transacting the following business:


1.         Apologies for Absence

Members are reminded that the LGA1972, s85 states that apologies for absence must be received prior to a meeting.

 2.         Minutes of the Previous Meeting Held 18 July 2011

            To agree and sign the minutes.

 3.         Declarations of Interest

To declare any ‘personal’ or ‘personal and prejudicial’ interests relating to items on the agenda having regard to paragraphs 8 to 12 (inclusive) of the Code of Conduct for Members part 5/1 of the Constitution and having taken appropriate advice (where necessary) before the meeting.

4.         Public Forum

            Opportunity for the public to raise issues or ask questions of Councillors.

5.         District and County Items

            5.1       BDC Issues

            5.2       ECC Issues

6.         BDC Planning Issues

            6.1            Planning Application
                        11/00245/TPO: Willow Cottage, Mill Lane – Notice of intent to carry out                                works to tree in a Conservation Area – Fell 1 Willow tree.

            6.2            Planning Results

                        The following application was granted:

  • 11/00813/FUL: Broomhills, Catley Cross – Erection of temporary agricultural worker’s dwelling.

6.3            Planning Committee
            The following application was received between meetings.  To note that it             was             agreed to comment that the extension be kept to a reasonable size and that             conditions be placed on any permission with regard to hours of work, parking             and vehicular movements:

  • 11/01052/FUL: Hurstcote, Cross End – Erection of single storey rear extension and alterations including conversion of existing garage to accommodation.

    6.4            Planning Committee Policy

            To familiarise the Parish Council on the Committee’s policy on new builds and major works requiring construction working times and siting of work             vehicles.

 6.5            Unauthorised Traveller Encampments

            To discuss the parish response to any unauthorised traveller encampments.

 6.6            National Planning Policy Framework Consultation

            To discuss any response required from the Parish Council.

7.         Reports from Representatives

            To receive any reports from representatives:

  • Playing fields/playground/bus shelter: RoSPA Inspection
  • Village Hall
  • Street Lighting
  • Footpaths
  • Legal – Street Lighting Contract Renewal

    8.            Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator

            To discuss filling this role due to the upcoming vacancy.

 9.         BDC Green Heart of Essex – Jubilee Oak Project

            To arrange for the application form for this project to be taken forward.

 10.       ECC P3 – Parish Paths Partnership

  • To discuss the way forward with this scheme regarding volunteer input alongside contract work.
  • Footpath Map

11.       ECC Winter Salt Bag Scheme 2011/12

            To discuss taking part in the scheme this winter and arranging for the application form to be completed.

 12.       ECC Big Society Fund

            To receive an update on possible applications to this scheme.

13.       Finance

            13.1            Finance Report

                        To receive the latest finance reports.

            13.2            Cheques to be approved for payment:

                        13.2.1            £400.82            Clerk Salary (Aug, Sept)

                        13.2.2            £  49.35            Clerk Expenses (13 July to 13 September)

                        13.2.3  £66.00 A&J Lighting – Repair call out to light o/s Great House

             13.3            Payments made between meetings:


                        13.3.1            £1075.01            Zurich Insurance Premium

                        13.3.2            £    55.20            BDC – Election Returning Officer Fee

                        13.3.3            £    40.00            RCCE Membership Annual Subscription

                        13.3.4            £    10.00            BALC Annual Subscription

                        13.3.5            £    23.22            A&J Lighting Monthly Fee

14.       Village Sign Repairs

            To confirm the agreement to undertake repairs to the village sign made under the Clerk’s emergency financial powers and to receive any update.

 15.       Quality Parish Council Status
            To receive details of the requirements to apply to be a Quality Parish Council.

 16.       2013 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies

            To note the proposed changes under this review and decide whether a response is  required from the Parish Council.

17.       Clerk’s Report
The Clerk to go through any correspondence received.

 18.       Date of Next Meeting

            To set the date of the next meeting.


19.       Closure




Philippa Potter

Clerk to the Council

13 September 2011