Pebmarsh Annual Parish Assembly

The Annual Parish Assembly will be held on Tuesday 10 March, at 7.00pm, in the Village Hall – the agenda for this meeting is shown below:

Pebmarsh Annual Parish Assembly
To be held on Tuesday 10 March 2015
in the Village Hall at 7.00pm

1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of the Previous Annual Parish Assembly
• Held 20 May 2014, to be agreed and signed.
3. Report from County Councillor David Finch
4. Report from District Councillor Anthony Shelton
6. Chairman’s and Parish Councillor Reports
7. John Nott Charity Report
8. Public Forum: Telecommunications Mast
9. Public Forum: General

10. Closure

This will be immediately followed by a Parish Council Meeting – the agenda for which can be viewed via this link: 150310MARagenda