Next Parish Council meeting on Monday 29th March 2010

The next meeting of Pebmarsh Parish Council, will be held on

Monday 29 March 2010, in the Village Hall Committee Room, commencing at 7:30pm

for the purpose of transacting the following business:



  1. Apologies for Absence
    Members are reminded that the LGA1972, s85 states that apologies for absence must be received prior to a meeting.
  2. Consideration of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 8 February 2010

To agree and sign the Minutes.


  1. Declaration of Interests
    To declare any ‘personal’ or ‘personal and prejudicial’ interests relating to items on the agenda having regard to paragraphs 8 to 12 (inclusive) of the Code of Conduct for Members part 5/1 of the Constitution and having taken appropriate advice (where necessary) before the meeting.
  2. Public Forum
    Opportunity for parishioners to raise issues of mutual interest, or to question Councillors.
  3. District and County Items
    Any BDC or ECC issues.

  4. BDC Planning Issues

6.1            Planning Applications – Planning Committee Decision to be Noted

  • 10/00164/FUL: Stone Cottage, Clay Hills – Replacement of flat roof with pitched.

The Committee agreed to support this application.

  • 10/00146/FUL: Land South West of Scotts Farm – Retrospective application for store shed. 
    The Committee agree to support this application.
  • 10/00156/FUL: Vine Cottage, Twinstead Road, Pebmarsh – Erection of metal outbuilding. 
    The Committee agreed to object to this application on the grounds of its size, height and bulk.


6.2      Planning Results  – The following applications were granted:

  • 09/01676/FUL: Rafe Hall – Change of use from storage/distribution centre and office to residential use.
  • 10/00003/FUL: Toms Cottage, Cross End – Erection of single storey side extension
  • 10/00019/FUL: The Wildings, The Street – Erection of timber outbuilding to be used as general storage and home office.
  • 10/00164/FUL: Stone Cottage, Clay Hills – Replacement of flat garage roof with pitched.
  • 10/00146/FUL: Land South West of Scotts Farm – Retrospective for store shed.
  • 10/00031/NMA: Spoons Hall – Non Material Amendment.
  • 10/00018/NMA: 1 Cross End, Pebmarsh – Non Material Amendment.


  1. Reports from Representatives
    7.1            Playing Fields/Bus Shelters

Updates to be received on the following issues:

  • New climbing frame rope
  • RoSPA recommendations
  • New noticeboards
  • Vehicles driving on the playing field – Cllr Fenner to report

7.2            Village Hall

  • Update regarding whether the Village Hall can offer the Community Payback Team any projects.
  • Discuss issues relating to the cleanliness of the Hall.

7.3       Street Lighting

  • Update on account payments.
  • Increase to material costs.

7.4            Legal
                        To receive any current issues from Cllr Anderson.


7.5            Passenger Transport

  • Update on launch of Stour Valley Community Bus.


8.  Traffic Calming

     To discuss how to approach looking for a solution to speeding in the village.

9.  Parish Council Website and Village Email Service

To discuss plans for a new website and an Email service for parishioners to sign up to for news and events.


10.            Litter Picking

To discuss litter picking equipment and support that can be received from BDC on litter picking days.


11.            Parish Emergency Plan

     To discuss some arrangements for an emergency plan.


12.     Road Safety – Winter Weather
     To receive an update on ways of alleviating icy conditions on the village roads.

13.            Finance

13.1            Finance Report
                         To receive the latest finance report.

13.2            Cheques to be approved for payment:
            13.2.1            £200.42                        Clerk Salary for March 2010

            13.2.1  £   49.05                Clerk Expenses Feb-March 2010


            13.3            To note – cheques paid between meetings due to time constraints:

                        13.3.1            £585.00                        Grass Cutting Contractor – Village Green cuts

                        13.3.2            £625.00                        Grass Cutting Contractor – P3Footpath cutting

                        Both cheques signed and dated 9 March 2010


13.4            Grass Cutting Quote

                  To agree the quote received for grass cutting for 2010/11.



14. BDC Street Scene Agreement

      The agreement for 2010/11 to be agreed and signed.


15. Annual Parish Assembly

  • Councillor Reports
  • Traffic calming


16. Clerk Administration
Clerk to go through any correspondence received and any further progress checks required.

17. Date of Next Meeting
      Tuesday 18 May 2010 – Annual Parish Assembly


18. Closure


New bus service for Pebmarsh every Wednesday.

The new ‘Stour Valley Community Bus’ will include Pebmarsh on it’s route thanks to Pebmarsh Parish Councillor Julian Fenner ensuring that Pebmarsh was included on the new Bus route.

The following is an information announcement for the new ‘Stour Valley Community Bus’:


Essex County Council working in partnership with Braintree Community Transport and Pebmarsh Cross End, Alphamstone, Lamarsh, Great Henny, Little Henny, and Middleton parishes are pleased to announce The Stour Valley Community Bus, commencing on Wednesday April 21st 2010.  The service will operate every Wednesday to Sudbury. 

This service has timed stops in the villages and in Braintree but can be adapted to meet the needs of the passenger.  As long as it is safe to do so, the bus will stop along the route within the village when hailed.  If passengers would like help boarding or leaving the vehicle, or with shopping bags, they just need speak to the driver.

The service is fully accessible, but if a passenger is in a wheel chair we ask they phone 01376 557896 in advance.

This service will not operate on a bank holiday.


  • Any person wishing to travel on The Stour Valley Community Bus will be able to pay for their fare on the bus. 
  • The cost of the journey will be £2:00 flat fare (single or return). 
  • Children aged 5 to 16 travel half price.
  • Children under 5 travel for free
  • If you hold a concessionary bus pass you will need to show your pass to receive free transport. 

Concessionary passes

  • If passengers need to apply for a concessionary bus pass please contact Braintree District Council 01376 551414


Braintree Community Transport

The Stour Valley Shopper Bus – Wednesday only (not Bank Holidays)



Pebmarsh, Cross End Post Box                                                     9.30

Alphamstone, Church                                                                       9.35                           

Lamarsh Telephone Box                                                                  9.38

Great Henny, Parish Rooms                                                            9.48

Little Henny, Main Road                                                                   9.53                           

Middleton                                                                                           10.01

Sudbury, Bus Station                                                                        10.10 

Sudbury, Tesco Car Park                                                                10.15 


Sudbury, Tesco Car Park                                                                12.15

Sudbury, Bus Station                                                                        12.20

Middleton                                                                                           12.29

Little Henny, Main Road                                                                   12.37

Great Henny, Parish Rooms                                                            12.42                         

Lamarsh Telephone Box                                                                  12.52

Alphamstone, Church                                                                       12.55

Pebmarsh, Cross End Post Box                                              13.00