Daffodils in Pebmarsh

You may have noticed Daffodils along the street in Pebmarsh this month. The Parish Council obtained 2000 free daffodil bulbs last year and with the help of a few brave volunteers planted them along the main verges before Christmas.   I am sure you will agree that these lovely blooms enhance our village still further.  Many thanks to the working party who worked till they dropped – never knew that it was so tiring planting daffodils – especially into hard ground……

Joe Burlo


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Pebmarsh Annual Parish Assembly – Tuesday 15 March 2011 Village Hall – 7.30pm – All Parishioners welcome.

Pebmarsh  Annual Parish Assembly

To be held on Tuesday 15 March 2011 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm



1.          Apologies for absence

2.          Minutes of  the Previous Annual Parish Assembly

  • held 11 May 2010, to be agreed and signed.


3.          Parish Council Elections – 5 May 2011

4.          County Councillor Report – Cllr David Finch

5.          District Councillor Report – from Cllr Anthony Shelton

6.          Conservation Area Appraisal – Second Draft

          Alan Massow, Senior Policy Planner – Braintree District Council

7.          Chairman’s Report

8.          Parish Councillor Reports

9.       John Nott Charity Report


10.          Closure

Cllr Joe Burlo


8 March 2011

Agenda – PC meeting on Tuesday 15th March 2011

The next meeting of Pebmarsh Parish Council will be held on

Tuesday 15 March 2011

in the Village Hall Committee Room,  immediately following the Annual Parish Assembly

for the purpose of transacting the following business:

1.         Apologies for Absence

Members are reminded that the LGA1972, s85 states that apologies for absence must be received prior to a meeting.

2.         Minutes of the Previous Meeting Held 31 January 2011

            To agree and sign the minutes.

 3.         Declarations of Interest

To declare any ‘personal’ or ‘personal and prejudicial’ interests relating to items on the agenda having regard to paragraphs 8 to 12 (inclusive) of the Code of Conduct for Members part 5/1 of the Constitution and having taken appropriate advice (where necessary) before the meeting.

4.         Public Forum

            Opportunity for the public to raise issues or ask questions of Councillors.

5.         BDC Planning Issues

            5.1       Tree Preservation Order

03/2011/TPO: Le Mote Hall, Cross End, Pebmarsh – to receive the notice of the above TPO.

 6.         Reports from Representatives

            To receive any reports from representatives:

  • Playing fields/bus shelter
  • Village Hall
  • Street Lighting
  • Legal

7.         John Nott Trustee Change

            To consider the proposed trustee change and agree recommendation.

 8.         Footpath Mainteance

            To discuss the way forward.

 9.         Flooding Protection Scheme

            To receive information regarding the scheme

 10.       Finance

            10.1            Finance Report

                        To receive the latest finance reports.

             10.2            Cheques to be approved for payment:

                        10.2.1            £400.82            Clerk Salary (Feb, Mar)

                        10.2.2            £  42.96            Clerk Expenses (Feb, Mar)

                        10.2.3            £    1.44            A&J Lighting Solutions – VAT shortfall (Jan,Feb,Mar)

             10.3            Payments made between meetings:

                        10.3.1            £  22.74            A&J Lighting Solutions Maintenance (Feb)

                        10.3.2            £  22.74            A&J Lighting Solutions Maintenance (Mar)

            10.4     Monies received since the last meeting


 11.       A&J Lighting Solutions

            Discuss whether to implement a direct debit rather than standing order.

 12.       PAYE Implementation

To receive information regarding the changes being made by HMRC to the payment of Clerk salary.

13.       Broadband

To receive a report.

14.            Correspondence

            The Clerk to go through any correspondence received.

 15.       Date of Next Meeting

            16 May 2011 – Annual Parish Council Meeting.

16.       Closure

Mrs Philippa Potter

8 March 2011

Important – 3rd Party motor Insurance

Third Party Insurance Cover Warning


Suffolk Police are warning motorists who are driving a vehicle not belonging to them using their own fully comprehensive insurance, they may no longer be covered to do so.

Despite the assumption by many that a fully comprehensive insurance policy would cover drivers to use another persons vehicle with their permission, there has recently been a change in a lot of insurance policies and this often no longer comes as standard.

One issue that officers specifically want motorists to check is in relation to driving another person’s vehicle with the owner’s permission when the vehicle does not have an insurance policy in place. With recent changes the majority of insurers now stipulate that the vehicle being driven must at least have third party cover.

If a person is stopped in a vehicle that is not their own and are unsure if their policy covers them to drive another vehicle, officers will have to complete a check. If it is discovered that the driver is not correctly covered it could result in a fixed penalty notice fine of £200 and 6 penalty points or a day at Magistrates Court. The vehicle will also be seized.

Inspector Julian Ditcham of the Roads Policing Unit said: “Stopping vehicles and checking insurance policies will take up the time of the members of public and of our officers. This information will appear either on the front of your certificate or in the small print, so it is the driver’s responsibility to make sure they are covered.

“We do realise that there is a lack of awareness of this policy change so this is a polite reminder to all motorists to have a double check.  However, we are also aware that there will be people out there who are deliberately offending and therefore appropriate action will be used wherever necessary.”

Police Direct Team