Winter Salting 2016/17

Please find below details of this winter’s gritting/salting regime, which has been forwarded to us by Essex County Council:

Map of salting Routes:


Salting routes
We have a total of 59 salting routes.  We operate 62 machines with ploughs plus two mini gritters.  All routes on the salting network are treatable in a maximum of 3 hours.

The salting routes consists of:

 ·       ’A’ roads that Essex Highways are responsible for. This excludes the A12, the A120          and the A130 which are administered by other organisations

·       ‘B’ roads

·       The access route to the main settlement of a Parish of 50 or more households not               already on the precautionary salting route

·       Roads served by at least 4 public bus services per day for 5 days per week or more

·       Roads that link sites of national importance (e.g. airports, ports, fuel refineries etc.) to         the main salting network

·       We also include roads which allow ambulance and fire stations access to the main             salting network

Reminder: Bus Services Review Consultation Ends 28 September

Following the recent alert on the Pebmarsh Mailing List, this is just a reminder that the Bus Network Review Consultation will end on 28 September.  It is proposed to remove Services 11/12/13 Sudbury to Halstead and replace them with Demand Responsive Transport.

Details can be found on the Essex County Council website and the consultation can be accessed via:

Questionnaires are available from Essex Libraries, by phone on 03457 430 430, or by contacting the Clerk at or on 07790 598363.  Please note that the last three options would involve sending the questionnaire to you by post, therefore please be mindful of the time this will take if you are nearing the deadline date.

Details are also attached herewith:

Bus Service Consultation Affected Services 2016 Bus Service Consultation 2016