Guidelines for Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering to look out for those in your village that are self isolating or socially distancing themselves in the face of COVID19 – Coronavirus 19.
Here are a few key guidelines to try and keep you as safe as possible
1.  Please ensure you are fit and healthy without a cold or underlying chest infection or immune condition
2. Try to keep your distance from anyone that you see face to face – a minimum of 3ft or 1m.  6ft or 2m is better however, an elderly person may not be able to hear you.
3. If you are collecting medication, make sure the person has told their pharmacy you will be collecting it for them.
4. If you receive a call from a neighbour try and put their minds at rest that they are doing the right thing and that if they fall ill you will help.
5. If you have a neighbour that falls ill – get them to call 111 immediately – call them back to find out what 111 said.
6. If you are picking up shopping get the neighbour to pay the shop if possible.  Otherwise, you may need to pay for it and collect the cash when you deliver.
7. If you deliver shopping – put it on the doorstep for the neighbour to pick up.  Payment should be put on doorstep in envelope.
8.Wash your hands (singing Happy birthday twice) regularly and more often when handling anything.
Keep safe – your efforts are appreciated.

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