Pebmarsh Parish Council Meeting

Good afternoon,

Due to the current worldwide pandemic, Pebmarsh Parish Council will not be calling the upcoming meeting for next week.

The Parish Council will instead discuss any urgent matters over email / phone and non urgent matters will be postponed to the next meeting at such time as it is safe to meet.

Please the agenda on the website in the relevant section, indicating the subjects that were initially going to be discussed; each item will either be discussed between councillors and the clerk remotely or agreed to be postponed. I imagine this process will take a considerable amount of time due to the time delay with emails, but once it is complete I will compile minutes to reflect all that is discussed and any decisions that are made and post them on the website in the usual manner.

At this time of uncertainty please take care, look after each other and stay postive – we will get through this together.

All the very best,

Shelley Boydell
Clerk to Pebmarsh Parish Council
07801 492312

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