Bonfires & The Burning of Garden Waste

Braintree District Council


We are receiving lots of queries about bonfires and the burning of garden waste.

We know it’s difficult with the Essex Recycling Centres for Household Waste closed and garden waste collections suspended, but in view of the health implications linked to Coronavirus (COVID-19) (respiratory condition), please DO NOT BURN your garden waste, or any other waste.

Smoke from bonfires is anti-social and can cause problems for neighbours.

We will investigate any complaints we receive and will take formal action where appropriate. Local air quality is deteriorating from increased burning giving additional problems for those with asthma and other breathing-related illnesses.

Essex Fire and Rescue Service is also requesting that you do not burn waste as there has been a 100% increase in call-outs mostly caused by fires which have got out of control.

Please home compost your garden waste or store it in your garden until collections are resumed.

Please do not fly-tip any waste as this is an offence and offenders will be prosecuted.

Please be considerate to your neighbours during the coronavirus outbreak.

Be safe, be thoughtful, be kind, be sensible.

For updates on our services, please check our dedicated coronavirus web page.

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