The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Thursday 29 May in the village hall at 7pm, followed by the Annual General Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is the occasion when the Councillors submit reports on the year’s activities as itemised in the agenda below. All the Parishioners of Pebmarsh are welcome to attend where there is every opportunity to raise questions on all aspects of the Council’s business over the last year and to make suggestions for the forthcoming year. 

Road closure – 17-20 March, Oak Road

ECC, Highways inform us of a temporary road closure as noted above. 

The road will be closed from its junction with The Street, North for its entire length a distance of approx 2300 metres to its junction with

Pebmarsh Road


Access will be maintained to properties during the closure 

The alternative route will be via Oak Road, The Street, Pebmarsh Road, Sudbury Road (A131) Pebmarsh Road and vice versa. 


Pebmarsh Parish Council                                                                           


Parish Clerk

Mrs J Race

Chestnut HouseThe GreenTWINSTEAD, Sudbury Suffolk CO10 7NB

Tel. & Fax No.01787-269122





A meeting of the Parish Council will be held on

Monday 4 February 2008 in the Village Hall Committee Room at 7.30 pm


Clerk to the Council



1.       Apologies for absence 

2.       Declarations of Interest 

3.       Matters Arising 

4.       Affordable Housing  

5.       District items 5.1.         Planning applications 5.1.1.        No. 07/02591/FUL Hillside, The Street, Pebmarsh.  Renewal of temporary condition – change of use of land to rear for stationing of mobile home5.1.2.        No. 08/00098/ELD Spoons Hall,

Colne Road

.  Application for a Certificate of           Lawfulness for an existing use – construction and use of a manege 


5.2.         County Council items 

6.       Reports from Representatives 

7.       Spring Parish Cluster meeting 

8.       Meeting dates 

9.       Finance 

10.   Correspondence10.1.      Circulation 

11.   Any Other Matters 

12.   Public Comments 

13.   Agenda items for next meeting 

14.   Date of next meeting

E mail Scams

At this time of year in the season of goodwill some of you might be a bit less vigilant than normal. Others will have received a computer for the first time as a Christmas present.

A scam is a scheme designed to con you out of your cash.

The Bank of England has a site which helps to explain most of the various e mail scams that might turn up in your e mail in box.  Some recent scam e mails even pretend to come from The Bank of England.

If you find a spare moment, have a look at this link. Remember if it looks too good to be true, it generally is not true.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Joe Burlo

Road Closure – Rafe Hall to Chris Chamley’s Greathouse Farm/Valiants Farm – Monday 25th Nov. to Fri 30th Nov. -9.30am to 15.30pm

From Monday the 25th November  07 to Friday 30th Nov, White Colne road  will be closed from it’s junction of The Street, Pebmarsh in a south easterly direction for approx 700 metres between the hours of 9.30am to 3.30pm for BT Pole Cable Replacement. Access will be maintained to properties during the closure.   As advised by ECC to The Parish Council.

BT Problems..please report any faults right away

I have had a site meeting today with the BT Open Reach Area manager regarding the enormous amount of problems we have all had with our village phone lines over the past 3 weeks.  Renewal work of the Cabinet and underground cables at the top of OAK road is nearly finished.  TELNT are the contractors doing this work on behalf of BT Open Reach.  TELNT will be signing off the job in the next few days.

It is very important that you report any faults that you may have right away to BT before the contractors sign off the job so all village phone lines are in good working order before they sign off the job.

 If you do not report a fault they will not know that it is there.

Joe Burlo


Burglary on Sun 14th Oct 07 at Oak Road

 Please be on the look out….Daytime break in  at Oak Road…see Police report below……..kindly sent in by Paula Hele, Neighbourhood Watch Co ordinator .

 A house in Oak Road was broken into yesterday, Sunday 14th October between 11.30am and 3.30pm.

Rear patio doors were completly smashed and a 50inch TV and a Blackberry Hand Held PDA/computer were taken.

 If you have any information about this incident please call the Neighbourhood Policing Team on 07855 781 608. If there is no reply pleae leave your name and number for someone to contact you back within 24 hours.

Urgent information may be given to Braintree Police Station on 01376 551 312 .            

Next Parish Council meeting

The next Parish council meeting will be held at The village Hall on Monday 1st October 2007 at 7.30pm.

A new planning application has been made for the Affordable Housing scheme at Water Lane. 

1.1.      Planning Application No. 07/01897/FUL Land on the east side of Water         Lane. Erection of 10 dwellings

This application will be discussed by the Parish Council at this meeting.  I have been informed by a Parishioner neighbouring the site that the time frame for receiving objections to the Application by Braintree District Council will expire sometime during the 1st week of October. Please contact Braintree District Council for more information or check their website.

Agenda for meeting is attached.

Joe Burlo

Link for next meeting agenda  agenda0110.doc

BDC Planning Applications Search Page       this search function is not working on Sun 30 Sept 07