There is a fraud email circulating and using the names of email contacts.

An email comes from what appears to be a contact of yours saying “are you free right now?”

you respond and get this reply…

“I am in a conference meeting right now as I would be working
till late midnight but need you to get me some gift cards.Could you
pick a few iTunes gift cards for me, i tried purchasing online but no
luck. When I’m done with the meeting I will reimburse you.

Kind Regards,
*your contact name here*

I have just received this email and I knew straight away this was a scam as I have seen it before – I am not sure how it works but I checked the email that it came from and it wasn’t even my contact’s email, It was
Please ignore any emails asking for vouchers – I know people who have been unfortunately not realised it was fake and therefore lost a lot of money with this scam.