Parish News Update Friday 30 May 08

The Annual Parish Meeting was held yesterday, Thursday 29th May in the Village Hall.  Annual Reports were submitted by all Parish councillors and read out.  Documents were made available to the public regarding updates on:

  •  Iceni Homes about  Affordable Housing progress and possible build start date of June/July 08. Survey for presence of Great Crested newts or reptiles on the site is nearly over as these surveys had to undertaken in Spring. Meanwhile  Suffolk Housing society has now aquired  and owns the land  and a building contractor  ( Elliston Steady & Hawes) has been appointed and will be meeting the Parish Councl shortly to discuss the build.  Suffolk Housing owns the land and will be the Landlord.  Eligible applicants are still subject to the Section 106 ( legal agreement) between Suffolk Housing Society and Braintree District Council which was signed as a condition of the planning permission and clearly states that these affordable houses are only for people who have a local connection  and have a housing need.
  • David Steel, Housing Enabling Officer at BDC. 01376 551414 ( ext 2138) outlined and clarified the application process.  Applicants have to initially contact BDC Housing assesment team on 01376 551414 for an application form to join the housing register and complete the application process. They should clearly state that that they are specifically applying and wanting to be considered for the affordable housing at Water Lane, Pebmarsh.  When this process is completed, the form and details will be held on file until the new homes are nearing completion. Please e mail me for a copy of the full Text of the message on
  • Postponing of Path resurfacing between the school and the church due to new H&S regs disallowing temp Traffic Lights on narrow roads and requiring a road closure instead. Work will now start  at the end of July on the 2nd week of the school hols.
  • New grain store at Greathouse Farm is for farm use only and not to be, as some parishioners supposed, a central grain store for all the local farms.  New H&S regulations require grain to be stored in bird proof barns and it is less costly to build a new barn than to upgrade and existing one to comply with the new regs.
  • Annual general meeting will now be held in June and the date will be announced on this site and on the  PPC Notice board at the Village Hall.

Joe Burlo


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